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2 sites here 1 is my everything blog…and the other is mainly Goss names/dates/etc; for researchers mainly! The Goss ancestry site that I have researched- is found on the title’ Ancestry blog site’ here’…just place this title if you cannot see the site easily on the [search] button, thank you Diane!


Hello there Roger thank you for your personal message here, I cannot see a comment as yet..your’ Swansea Evening List’ is to be placed in here, ‘preferably by you’…on the best page that you see that interests you. Regarding your Goss Colleague …Yet another Goss story to look forward too. thank you regards Diane.

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JUDITH .                                                                                                                                                          MARY                                                                                                                                                               BETTY                                                                                                                                                            LISA                                                                                                                                                                 JOHN –  Angela-   Margaret                                                                                                                                                          AND TO ANY OTHER SWANSEA ONLINE FRIENDS THAT SAY THEY WILL TAKE A LOOK AT MY BLOG!


These names on the above title page have links to each other. They were quite well known in Swansea Wales uk ‘also other places.’ Here are a few snippets of their occupations.                    Ship owners.- Sunday School Teacher.-Lamp lighter of Mumbles.- and Car man –       To find out more names/ dates/regarding these linked families  etc. please enquire on my comment page thank you.


Hello Mary-[Bullpit]

Thank you!f  for having the intentions to calling into my blog here!  Please let us know any information that you have with memorabilia regarding Swansea, as you said you saw lot’s of news as you would deliver 3 newspapers Around Swansea. Hopefully you can tell me all good old Stories. Regardsfrom a very exited person, best wishes Diane.



For my dear ozzie friend Valda.

Hello dear one nice to think that you are well again! Call in here and hava chat to me anytime that you feel up to it, as well of course on our messages on facebook!You will be the only Australian woman on my blog! Just see a few pages at a time or you may be here forever and a day [haha] but leave me some comments won’t you please..I now you will! We can chat here about lovely old times and your nice family, too! We will be soon seeing each other when you get on that big bird from WA to the beautiful island of Tassie, in a few months time. luv u lots my friend luv D.





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What makes you happy
What makes you feel good
Is it that good music
Or that exceptional food
You may be surprised to know
That what means the world to you
May mean nothing to another
And yet, that’s what gets you going like no other
Such is the world we live in
One man’s meat
Is another man’s poison
Some like it hot
Some like it frozen
Don’t follow the crowd
What gets you going?
Some like to have a good time
With their friends
Some like some alone time
Away from friends
Some let the music take control
Some would like to hit the road
And go to some far far place untold
What’s your definition of a good time
Some good wine?
Or some good laugh
We all need some when things get rough
Live a lil
Chill a lil
Have some fun

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Good one Rosie, glad the coal mines are a gonna now, but nice to see a museum in it’s place!

Husb and I had a grand day out today, driving up to Big Pit National Coal Museum near Blaenafon. We met up with a gaggle of artists (is that the right collective noun?) from The Worker’s Gallery and Workshops in Ynyshir in the nearby Rhondda Valley. It’s a fabulous small gallery that punches way above […]

via Big Pit / Pwll Mawr — scribblah