The circle of life… Life, short or long lived with a kind heart in the best way that you can may be full of heartaches but also of joy. You can be lifted by the smile of a child or brought down to your knees by the tears of a tired old man. […]

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ANGELA’S PAGES; Halycon Days.

Hello dear Angela. Thank you for reminding me of the good old days when you and I were the two main little girls that usually climbed to the summit of the hill constantly while most others stayed and played along the foot  of the hill!  I remember the huge white horse too! etc: I am about to start getting  ‘your already sent replies’ to me printed here on this page! [Also I am trying to get us on  a private page] for the book asap! As we have said we must try to remember those halycon days as you called them. I will write and reply soon as Possible love across the waves always, Diane.xx                                                                                                                                                 Dear Angela,                                                                                                                                                          Here I am again now with the reply that you sent to me previously.This little memorable but not to pleasant story you told me about,         well from my memory I think that I was nearby when that incident happened! Here is your story of old it went just like this as I write from one of your replies to me.         Your reply; Hi Diane, I do remember Mrs Shaw and Alan Shaw who was a friend of my brother, he had a white horse that terrified me it was so high spirited! I sat on it once and it started to gallop,I slid under his stomach then fell down winding myself.      Never again!   Alan and my brother found it very funny i did not and did’nt go near him again!

REPLY; Angela I still have to jot down your other reply about the more lovelier days of our adventures on the  dear old Kilvey Hill   real soon!


Angela [Coussins]..Hope I got your surname spelling right here Angela.? Anyhow I am just giving you a  nice welcome to my blog, thank you for popping in here, my old friend from Kilvey Hill!There is another Angela on the researchers site too!Hope you feel happy to be a part of my blog and call in anytime, we can talk of fun childhood days around the hill. I will always start you talking so you you have no need to wonder what to talk about…hopefully then I can put you in my Swansea book…It’s taking a while to finish, but it’s getting there, best wishes Angela Regards Diane.xx

REMEMBERING THE OLD SWANSEA LIGHTHOUSE BEACON WHICH MY ANCESTORS WORKED ON! This was commonly named ‘the old windmill’ thank you for this nice poem from Poets Corner.

The lighthouse beacon The lighthouse with her beacon bright. Standing guard throughout the night. Guiding souls to safety with her eternal light. Somehow the lighthouse beacon makes everything all right. In solitude she stands alone. Her only goal to guide you home. Through crashing waves and howling winds. Night after night she does […]

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