This new piece of information is to talk about everywhere…Hmmn? yes right! I know that many Swansea sailors/tug workers/ dock workers, had many a good story to tell once upon a time! Because the children of Swansea were used to seeing many’ shipmen’ wander the streets of the old Swansea town wherby the locals were mostly at one with their appearances ,such as docking clothes[as they were called] and many sailor suits etc; Times for the children in 1944 and later were much easier than the times before when drudgery hit Wales coasts with Cholera,and all kinds of nasty diseases, from dirty water running into the river Tawe from factories and so forth! The people lifted their spirits mainly through song! More about songs later! Well anyone who would like to add anything here please do…to be continued! thanks  for now from Diane in oz