SOME ADDED NOTES; MATRIACHAL SIDE–regarding phyllis  mary willmett;WHO WAS BORN IN NUMBER 7,jOHN  STREET   OYSTERMOUTH MUMBLES    NEAREST CITY SWANSEA. GLAMORGANSHIRE WALES UK     This lineage is very spetacular it will read later how this line survived the ice age.Going back in time 16,000 years!  The prominence of this line I would never have  known exepting from Phyllis’s mother’s ,family who were born  in Devon  There is a lot of information later to be added here maps of how this lineage crossed to many many countries going back in time.    For anyone who have been thinking about having their little DNA test done I suggest [go for it]  as it is a wonderous thing to say the least. I shall add names, dates of birth etc later due to me being offline for a while due to travelling.   Phyllis Mary’s mother was  EMILY FLORENCE BROCK BEFORE HER MARRIAGE TO HERMON  [henry] WILLMETT   NOTE HERE THERE ARE ‘TWO’ [FLORRIE’S] AND TWO HENRY’S]      ALL OF THE SAME LINKS OF BROCK FAMILIES.–  By these names so far the living Brock’s and Willmett’s may know of or have heard of their ancestry due to them being of the same lineage.  Hopefully everyone interested will follow my blog and add a [like] on it and ask any question that you wish. [All personal or very private messages ]can be sent to your e mail address from me later . But this little piece of information should get your mind at rest that I am of this link too  as well as any interested persons to keep in touch with me for very interesting reads later  bye for now Diane..


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