ANGELA’S PAGES; Halycon Days.

Hello dear Angela. Thank you for reminding me of the good old days when you and I were the two main little girls that usually climbed to the summit of the hill constantly while most others stayed and played along the foot  of the hill!  I remember the huge white horse too! etc: I am about to start getting  ‘your already sent replies’ to me printed here on this page! [Also I am trying to get us on  a private page] for the book asap! As we have said we must try to remember those halycon days as you called them. I will write and reply soon as Possible love across the waves always, Diane.xx                                                                                                                                                 Dear Angela,                                                                                                                                                          Here I am again now with the reply that you sent to me previously.This little memorable but not to pleasant story you told me about,         well from my memory I think that I was nearby when that incident happened! Here is your story of old it went just like this as I write from one of your replies to me.         Your reply; Hi Diane, I do remember Mrs Shaw and Alan Shaw who was a friend of my brother, he had a white horse that terrified me it was so high spirited! I sat on it once and it started to gallop,I slid under his stomach then fell down winding myself.      Never again!   Alan and my brother found it very funny i did not and did’nt go near him again!

REPLY; Angela I still have to jot down your other reply about the more lovelier days of our adventures on the  dear old Kilvey Hill   real soon!


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