Hi , to my cousin Frances.You have done wonders for our family tree! Soon I hope to add our links here on my blog! There are a lot to add while also trying to research even more!  Thank you so much for your help! As you know we have the Journal in the Swansea Archives for those who would like to trace their family heritage from the  very  dear [ first thatched roofed cottage to be built in Swansea]  on Kilvey hill in St Thomas area !Also the tiny white cottage that once stood opposite the first thatched cottage, was that indeed our relations lived there  too! As if that was not enough we then found more relations who lived at the foot of the other side of the hill another white cottage  only this one a little bigger!                                                                                                             As we know one of  our ancestors  worked the [beacon] for the sailing ships to see where to bring their tall ships into the port easily. As a child the little white cottage that over looked the river Tawe high on the hill  was my resting place while sitting on the warm wall on a sunny day, little did I know then that my  own ancestors were from there!I loved admiring this tiny cottage with it’s ever so tiny little different coloured flowers swaying charmingly in the Summer breeze in the very  small  two patch garden.I called it my’ fairy cottage’!With all the land that ran down the hill from one side of the house next to the very narrow lane way I would feel that I was truly away in Fairyland! My books of  many stories of the’ Faery Tales’ were only ever a reminder of what seemed to be ‘my little cottage’  on Kilvey hill!                                                                As time goes by Frances, I sincerely  hope  that  this short story of sweet memorabilia  of our  ancestors homes will delight the hearts  of our relations  over  many years to come! Hopefully More information will be added a little later from our ancestry here too! Trancribing names dates etc;   Always the best of love sent across the waves to you my dear cousin, from Diane.

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