I was luckily so fortunate to see a beautiful Aurora also! The time was around 5 am  here in Australia last year.  As dawn was breaking and the  thin silver light spread itself across the dusky morning light  I was astounded to see over the left hand side of me[while enjoying a coffee looking out the window] a huge black screen rather a square shape that was  something I had never seen before I was quiet shocked at the sheer blackness of it! then it disappeared completely whereby the most beautiful sight appeared from a billowing bright green like it was falling  down on to earth!  Then to my surprise a shade of bright pink flowed straight across a softer  green colour that looked like it was waiting for the next show!  Then as a  few different soft shades that were  slowly diminishing  far away from view  I thought that was the end of that, but to my astonishment  there before my eyes a huge burst of what looked like a glowing firework seemed to explode  into a bright purple much like that of a’ disco light’ then fading into a kind of soft  puffy looking lavender shade.Finally a lovely soft yellow appeared and the whole of the dawn light broke through with an early morning sun following. My only explanation to the first site of the  strange very square shaped  blackness which seemingly  looked like a enormous black postage stamp just sitting there but somehow waiting for a story to be told! There staring at it with confusion it was  quite frightening really,and there it went like a light had been switched off, after about  only one or not quite two minutes  perhaps ,right beside the dawn’s streak of silver light across the sky ! I really  thought that the end of the world had arrived when I saw it’s square blackness! I knew that trying to remember this awesome sight would not be at all easy,  as I wanted to let my family know soon as they awoke!  In a hurry I wrote/drew-down the picture as I had tried to remember it exactly  as it was there and then! The whole visual blackness and colours perhaps only lasted about a few minutes! YES! I had seen the magnificent Aurora, of which everyone informed me ‘ later’ that if one was lucky enough they would see the Aurora in Tasmania! But little ol me did not have  a clue  that this was about to happen!And further more I always look at the news but I did’nt that night before                                                                                                                            PS I must add that the lovely green Aurora that you will see further along is not the same one as I saw here in Australia!


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