TODAY 02/2017

Hi folks, I really had a good morning reading my added blogs this morning.I have a few more that I would like to add but it is taking me some time…Also I am hearing now from four people from Swansea who are very probably my relations.That of course makes me very happy indeed! As yet these new people don’t even know about my little blog!Guess that you could call me the’ busy one up in the tree’s.’…Since I have learned about others bloggers I am finding all this reading a big part of my day now! best regards to all. oh by the way it seems that I have over 20 followers but I cannot see their comments… maybe I just don’t know how to yet use all these buttons… from trying hard! Diane.

One thought on “TODAY 02/2017

  1. Hi Diane. Thanks for your very kind comments. My blog is a mix of the Open Spaces Society activity I do as the Rhondda Cynon Taff representative, and other personal interests. Please re-blog any that are of interest to you and your followers – I guess that lots wouldn’t be. You might like to look at the Kilvey Hill group SOUL (Save Our Unclassified Lanes) on Facebook: there’s lots of history and St Thomas families involved there.

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