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I have just added a new read here,taken from a post from Ali Dunnel. It is titled                        [Sketchbooks and travel journals.] Readers of my blog will find this a little later down a few pages  on my blog.Please leave a comment? It is so interesting ! Thank you Diane.

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  1. We have travelled extensively in Australia probably more than most native Australians! We first visited Australia for our youngest son’s wedding ; making the stopover as part of a round the world trip from Los Angeles via the Cook Islands and New Zealand. The whole trip took a year’s planning since it involved a dozen flights, train & coach journeys & several hire cars. We landed in Brisbane from Auckland & flew on to Cairns for a week at Port Douglas where it rained continuously. On a trip over the rainforest to Kuranda, we could see nothing of the magnificent scenery through the rain drenched gondola windows. We braved the Great Barrier Reef & snorkeled despite the weather! Checking out of the hotel a day earlier, we took a flight to Ayers Rock. As we landed, passengers were remarking at how green the desert looked & we were dismayed to emerge from the airport into a fine misty drizzle! Strange to experience when the weather was so hot! Thankfully we had a few fine days when my husband climbed the Rock but left me stranded half way when my nerve failed me. Climbers on the way back down handed me bottles of water, suncream & even a straw hat! We hired a car & explored the nearby Olgas before heading for the coach to take us on the long journey to Alice Springs. As hour after hour passed with the same monotonous flat scenery of red earth & scrub, we got quite excited to pass a cattle station or another vehicle on the long straight road. At evening, we arrived at Alice Springs & again, despite the weather, loved visiting the Flying Doctor & the School of the Air where we listened to the children singing Happy Birthday thousands of miles apart. Not all in the same key or in unison, but we wouldn’t have missed it for the world… we even visited the famous springs. From Alice Springs, we took the Ghan train overnight to Adelaide … as we moved slowly out of the station to the strains of Elton John’s Love Songs, we looked forward to a nice meal on board then converting our cabin into two bunk beds….. part 2 of many to follow!!

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