NOTES-snippets of family history.

Willmett- one person of the Willmett family owned a shipping company on the coast of France. for more information ask..                                                                                                   Heddon- one person had the Heddon River named after him in Devon very big interesting history on this family!   more info ask!                                                                                                                         Bro’c  /Brock one or two persons owned a guest house in Swansea .  more info ask!                                                                                                                                                          Goss- family owners of small farm holdings on Kilvey Hill.                                                                   Richards -family same as above  but very extreme interesting history here!   for more info ask!

George Truscott-married Hannah Jenkins she owned the old Landore Inn, born 1812. dod 1855 many children all born in the Landore Inn. Hannah’s father ‘ so Swansea Archival files states  that he owned a Tinworks!I think possible shares ? maybe shares? small works[not verified, but was positively situated in Carmathenshire..for more info- ask!

Lott- person/ family known to be owner of shop in Swansea, Wales.Much more about the rest of the family needs to be researched. Jeremiah Lott married Amelia Truscott Swansea.’ There is a little more info of this line with the Truscott family number of children etc”Employment, and one person Emmigrated to NSW Australia. for more info- ask!                                                                                                                                                      Gapper[Henry], married Ann Goss.many children, my Grandmother was one of many daughters name- Mary Catherine Gapper, Mary’s  mother was Ann  Goss before marriage to  Henry Gapper. .One of the other daughter married  married Mr Richards. More later going into Kilvey Hill direction, then St Thomas. Landore etc….  “to be continued.”   Another  Brock name- Peter Brock,  An Australian raceing car driver  [now deceded]  A relation to my Brock side of my family.                                                                                                                                                               [  Please note ]        That   all of the above are now dececed]Exepting of course their Grandchildren etc;

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