well readers so far I don’t seem to have any names that may be of your family tree! Or maybe I have! Because my hobby is of Historian values I should like some feedback from the Kilvey Hill volunteer members when you can find some spare time.I realize that you are mostly on Facebook/ Kilvey Soul, as Marion has kindly informed me. However I have not rejoined Facebook for a few years now, mainly because it took to much of my time there while writing my journal re; ‘Kilvey Hill History'[ which can be found in the Swansea Archives] for anyone to read at should you wish of course.i will close for now with the hopes to hear from anyone who can find anyone of the Goss, etc; names of old from Kilvey Hill, to  add to my next journal! I thank all of you muchly for any help that you can be toward any of the names of interest in my little blog! best wishes to the people of wonderful Kilvey Hill,[my old playing field] regards Di.

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