At last I have received some feedback  from the Hill Volunteers!  They are shown in Facebook on title KILVEY SOUL Marion has advised me to also look at THE WHITE ROCK SITE which is on google.  There I was suprised to see my cousins ancestor who was a Poet who wrote the words of CALON LAN! I know that she feels proud to be a bloodline of DANIEL JAMES, her mothers line is of the JAMES family. In Treboath the school is now learning and practising historic lessons about Daniel. I am so pleased to history never dying and children are appreciating the good works of Daniel.


  1. Hello – I was reading your comment about the Goss family that lived on Kilvey Hill. My Great Great Great Gandmother was Mary Goss who was born in Devon and moved to Kilvey when she was 3 years old in 1836. She lived in the old thatched cottage towards the top of Kilvey; the cottage was called Dan-y-Beacon. She had a daughter, Mary Jane Goss, whom I believe died in childbirth. Mary Goss and her husband (name unknown) raised my Great Grandmother, Catherine Ridgway (she married Sidney Ridgway). Mary died at the age of 89 on July 11th 1923. They continued to live in that cottage and my Great Grandmother continued to live in the cottage such that I can remember as a child visiting her – the cottage hadn’t changed at all in all those years – no electricity, gas (apart from gas lamps) or running water (apart from the stream at the side of the cottage). Catherine had four children; her one daughter, Avril Ridgway was my Grandmother; she married William Edward Sparkes and they continued to live at the bottom of Kilvey Hill. Thought you might find it interesting. I have just found a euology of Mary Goss’s life and thought I would do some internet searching. Do get in touch if you have found out any more about the Goss family.
    Tim Sparkes

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