Brock research.

Hello, this next part of my blog will be speaking about the history of the Brock family that lived in Mumbles and Swansea. Also Willmett name appears here for researchers.Seemingly I have many cousins with the names Brock included in their heritage and mine also. Some cousins of mine are living in Swansea.So for [ Cousins]please contact me anytime thank you, from Diane.I am now residing in  Australia. I shall begin now with the stories  and dates etc;For those who can add to this information, please do so soon thank you so much.          My Grandmother Emily Brock with probable middle name [Florence] who married Mr Hermon Willmett of which they both lived in number 7,John Street Mumbles.                                                                                                                                                       Mr and Mrs willmett had three children Jack, Frank, and , Phyllis mary Willmett. Mr Willmett died from Meningjitis [ as I have heard!]Also Mrs Emily Willmett [wife] died many years after from Athritis and Stroke at the last days.      The son Frank married Annie[not yet sure of her maiden name] she lived in Aymestry Hereford and  Frank married and resided there for life, although they spent many hollidays with Emily who was widowed quite early when the daughter Phyllis was only about twelve years of age at the time, she loved her father very much and missed him immensely. Frank died at a very old age very late nineties maybe even one hundred or so, I am  not sure yet of  exact Date Of Death ., and Jack the other sibling had a major stomac  operation          which was said to have not been a successful operation, concequently he died at the operating table or soon after where possible a Cancer may have spread  [so i’ve heard] The family /Grand children of Frank who married Annie still lives in Hereford their children were Walter, Dennis, Lorraine, now probably  all deceased, but as I remember they  were all hard working, and very homely people with a bounteous sense of humour. All the remaining children,and grand children etc;still mostly all of them I believe still remain in Herefordshire. More on all of the above regarding ,  much happier family stories   to be followed later!     Willmett family will be spoken of further back through history too!  As  yet I need to compile many dates,  although I remember some facts of the above names to be told for old times sake stories. Here above is at least some helpfull hints for researches,  and cousins  to contact me for  more info; many thanks Diane.

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