Names of interest.

Anyone who has some memories of ST Thomas School? [now I think that the School have been made into flats, should I be wrong about this?Anyone who would like to speak about the old School please do so. Angela, and Shirley used to live in Hedland Road, also’Lyn’ or spelt’ Lin’ Holly who lived in Windmill terrace were school friends of mine.Sheila Hinds went to live in Finland. I  heard from her mother years ago that Sheila was very happily married.No idea if the others got married or not though, or where they are now…I would like them to share some of their interests on this blog.                                                                                                                                                                 Around Bonymaen, Mumbles rd, and  some other places here and there I have cousins etc; of the Heddon family I would really like them to join me here too! Next my Grandmother Mary Heddon had a sister who lived to be one hundred and 2 or 3   I heard!  They both lived in Field Street Landore, the neighbours ran a lot of messages for my Auntie Mathan[Margaret] my nan’s sister,she became deaf and blind I heard’ anyone from Field St’ who knew of these people please contact me.Their Father was Mr Gapper now deceaced of course but I have much family history to share  and a couple of pictures of the Gapper family  so for any Gappers out there who would like to let me know where they are at present,I have some addresses but no mobile numbers of anyone of them [not in phone book] in Swansea as far as I see either. I have not looked in the Census forms…I am  writing a book about Swansea at present so any info of all the above shall be added to it.  Please reply soon to me and help me feel the good old Swansea friendships again.

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