Stories of old written by diane heddon

This Blog is brand new but I hope many people will add themselves with any’ historic comments’ with regard to Wales in particular! Just think of stories that your  family may have told you about the day’s of old. I follow my Ancestors history with quite an extensive interest!  I also have a Journal that can be found in the Swansea Archives which contains names, dates, and stories that were found in the newspapers,etc; regarding Kilvey Hill in the days gone by from  the families that lived in the cottages that once stood on the summit of Kilvey Hill mainly Goss/ names and a  more.  my research at present is the time during the 1800’s when my great, great Grandmother owned the Landore Inn. She was Hannah Jenkins, who later married George Truscott. They had a big family all born in the Inn.I should like to hear about any story regarding the old’ Landore Inn ‘that once stood there. If you are interested in these names for your historic knowledge of them, please reply here. Also  for the person who enquired about Phillip Trusscot who lived in Port Tennant/and    ST Thomas I found that he emmigrated to Australia, just in case you hear  about or read this Blog! Many thanks and most appreciated for all your thoughts that you may have,about this read.

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