As yet I have not put in a picture on my profile page, or very much about my life’s history! But  hopefully there is enough written on my blog for now with many names of’ my family history’research!   Not so very long ago I saw that there was a lady by the name of GOSS who lives/or lived in one of ST THOMAS avenues perhaps ST LEDGER cres?  should there be anyone living near by this lady please confirm it for me? I should really like to place her family history in my new journal. The first Journal is to be found in the Swansea Archives, Tales of old [Kilvey Hill] as I mentioned before.  The many Goss families, Shore, Richards, that once lived on Kilvey Hill summit are all included in the journal at Swansea Archives  [ to be read free]. But I should like to continue on the story of the Hill as far as possible. I would like to see some volunteer workers read this blog and give me any info they wish re; the Hill.I feel certain that the general history should keep resonating forever so to speak! When I pass on the next person who is extremely interested in the hill, can add to my journal!   As my  next journal is expected to be forwarded before the end of this year please keep me informed for your historic times, eg; bonfire nights, Kilvey  get together’s of which you all attend.!Spread the news of the [names of interest] on my blog around ‘your vicinity’ etc;….many thanks Diane. forgot to add,  I once lived and was born in 18, Elmhurst cres; please keep in touch. thank you for any friendly response for  to  play’ your part into the on going history.'[of Kilvey Hill regards from  Diane in Oz.

15 thoughts on “MORE NAMES OF INTEREST

  1. Hi Thank you for all the likes on my blog. I am originally from Wales born in Cardiff. My Dad is from Swansea and most of his family still live there. I lived in Swansea (Morriston) for nine years mainly my teenage years, also lived in Neath and Port Talbot. The last time I visited was four years ago.

    Cheers Deb


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